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Who We ARE

In 2018, the idea for this venture came from a dream from a man who continuously and relentlessly cared for others more then he cared for himself. This man was deeply rooted in his faith and encouraged others to have that same relationship with jesus. That man’s name was pete billingsly. Some of us called him pete. Some of us referred to him as coach. Alot of us were lucky to call him a friend.

This dream came to unfortunate stand still due to pete’s untimely and tragic passing. This man’s heart was so big and beat for so many people that it just couldn’t keep up. He was on a brief waitlist at vanderbilt hospital for a heart transplant, but god had other plans. Did you know that pete was a very talented artist? He would create tshirts for others by directly drawing on the fabric. It was an amazing thing to watch.

Fast forward to 2023 and here we are……

Michael and i, have decided to try to keep the dream alive of a man who’s mission in life was to only help others.

As a local, small business we want to continue to serve our community by providing print on demand t-shirts and appareal. We look forward to assisting other small businesses, religious organizations, family gatherings, our local schools and everything else in between.

Thank you for stopping by our page and learning more about us!

We hope we can assist you with any needs that you have for the future.

Michael and Amanda Farmer

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